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Chauffuer Driven in a Mercedes Benz - S-Class Saloon

The S-class is a confident and powerful car with distinctive styling. As in the preceding series it introduces technical innovations, pioneering safety features and exemplary comfort.

Larger in body length every single passenger is provided with first-class comfort with large areas of shoulder and elbow room. Luxurious exotic wood and chrom trim, attractively contoured controls in alumnium and carefully coordinated colours characterise the atmosphere in the interior, producing an immediate feeling of wellbeing.

Great Cars are not designed by computers, they're created in the minds of inspired designers. Mercedes are
renowned for quality and style and this is exemplified with the S-Class.

With its luxurious interior combined with its now legendary German engineering, the S-Class gives one of the most
comfortable and safest drives around.

With it's outstanding style combined with many features such as climate control, this magnificent car makes
travelling a pleasure, not a bind.