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Environmental Policy

At City of London Chauffeur Drive, we accept our environmental responsibilities and recognise its obligation to contribute to solving local and global environmental issues by reducing environmental impact.

We endeavour to fulfil this responsibility by:

Complying with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.

Continually seeking to improve our environmental performance.

Quantifying and reducing our environmental impact.

Improving staff environmental awareness and responsibilities.

Reducing energy and resource consumption by implementing effective and efficient reduction methods consistent with best practice.

Minimising the generation of waste and implementing recycling initiatives.

Ensuring that this Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company.

Periodically reviewing this Policy to take account of changes in organisation, legislation or other internal and external factors.

Driving in a greener way

At City of London Chauffeur Drive, our Chauffeurs are committed to reducing our emissions by:

Driving smoothly and at a slower speed to reduce fuel consumption.

Checking the road ahead, anticipating the traffic and avoiding harsh acceleration and braking.

Sticking to the speed limits – i.e. at 70 mph, 15 per cent more fuel is used than at 50 mph.

Changing gears at the right time therefore saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Switching off the engine when the car will not be moving for a while.

Maintenance of our vehicles

At City of London Chauffeur Drive, we are fully aware that well-maintained vehicles tend to run more energy efficiently, we are therefore committed to:

Check the tyre pressure regularly, as under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption by up to 3%.

Only using mobile phone chargers in the vehicles when absolutely necessary.

Ensuring that the vehicles are regularly serviced to minimise fuel and oil consumption.

To disposing of old engine oil in a safe method using Council Waste facilities.

Vehicle Replacement

At City of London Chauffeur Drive, we endeavour to replace our Mercedes vehicles every 3 years. Together with the Mercedes Benz Environmental Policy which is geared to introducing hybrid vehicles in the very near future, we will be replacing our vehicles with hybrids when they become available from Mercedes.

At City of London Chauffeur Drive we are serious about changing the environment and its effects on humankind.