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City of London Chauffeur Drive operates a dedicated Roadshow Department which can provide the individual attention and organisational support required for these businesss critical activities.
Our experience in this field is considerable, having provided services for many of the major investment banks and other financial institutions in the UK.

Quality Chauffeurs

Due to the nature and sensitivity of roadshow work, we only utilise our Premium service chauffeurs and vehicles.  These chauffeurs have exceptional customer care skills and are trained to act as an ‘on-board PA’ if required.  They are also authorised to respond immediately to any ‘in car’ requests or changes.

Our Roadshow Vehicles

We provide a range of our highest quality vehicle options, with a choice of Mercedes S-Class, E-Class, or MPV Vianos.


We understand your need for promtness and accuracy of billing, and can meet all your requirements in this respect.